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  • We Seek out the most capable product development resources

  • We Lead a consortium of expert engineering talent

  • We Manage the logistics of a multifaceted design program

  • We Integrate proven expert technical resources to meet business goals

  • We Guide the technical work to be applied properly to project needs

Mike Lawless pulled together an excellent team with a high level of expertise from many different fields, something we could not have done internally.

Jorge Valdes | 4JETS

Mike’s ability to understand very complex technical problems was and is unparalleled.  How he translated such complex problems into relatively easy tasks is something that I have always admired.  His ability to patiently deal with all kinds of questions from the diverse group of personalities is something that is at the core of any successful team leader and manager.  You cannot teach this skill. You either have it, or you do not. His teams saw this and delivered. Consistently.

Ashok Kaul

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