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The Most Dependable And Consistent Way To Get To Market Faster

Is Through Knowledge Driven Product Development.

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Developing and Launching Products Is Not Easy.

We know how difficult and risky it is to develop and launch a new, innovative, and complex product.  We know because we have guided the launch of many, and we have seen many fail and succeed.

As engineers and managers, we have worked with and guided programs from before the "fuzzy front end" all the way to manufacturing millions of units a year, and you know there are so many points in between where things go wrong and cost far too much.


There are many obstacles in your path, obstacles that you must navigate.  It is our mission to help you navigate those obstacles and get to market fast with a product that is the right product and has exceptional reliability, usability, and manufacturability.

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Opportunities & Risks

Getting and retaining the right talent


You need to hire highly knowledgeable subject matter experts when dealing with products involving novel materials and approaches.  Many of these resources are difficult to find and very expensive to retain, especially if your need is crucial but limited.


We come along side you to get you over this hurdle.  Within our network are highly veteran engineers and experts who we can bring to bear just where you need and when you need them.

Dealing with setbacks and de-risking


Are you experiencing delays in your development schedule?  We have seen many projects through tough circumstances and have honed an approach that gets to core issues fast and finds the best way through.


Our partnerships with veterans in the field give us the edge necessary to get you back on track quick and avoid future costly delays.

Uncovering Problems Before They Cost You More


Your design has unknowns, do you know right where they are and what effects they will have?  We have seen even the best development programs suffer due to unknowns that weren't addressed early on and turned into very costly failures late in the game.


Out of the crucible of our combined experience, we have honed a model of development that integrates Deep Technical Rigor with Holistic Design and is able to navigate the most challenging of product requirements.  Our approach will help you get to the right product that has exceptional reliability, usability, and manufacturability

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Mike Lawless

Founder & President

I have worked in the medical device industry for more than 25 years, and the majority of my career has been focused on high volume product development.

During my career, I have observed in the medical device industry that it has become increasingly difficult for companies to develop advanced technological products while still meeting real user’s needs with exceptional reliability. 

Consequently, I have built a highly adaptive engineering consulting model that brings together complementary engineering firms to work in a cooperative manner. This powerful team approach dramatically improves the likelihood of a successful outcome, and can help guide the growth of capabilities for the client’s own R&D organization.

Lawless Consulting cultivates partnerships with select engineering consulting firms that have proven expertise and a culture that supports a highly collaborative engagement with the client.

Clients we have served

Three Simple Steps


Get on my calendar and let's talk and find out if we are a good fit for each other.


We put together a customized plan for your development project based on your unique situation and needs.


We execute with you on the plan.  We can do the heavy lifting, or advise and guide.  You are in the driver's seat.

Our Model

Lawless Consulting provides a leadership model for engineering product development that integrates proven technical resources into a powerful team to deliver exceptional outcomes.


We are committed to a rigorous, knowledge driven approach that is built on an intense and focused effort to rapidly converge on successful products.  Our model is built on an appreciation for the value of the right philosophy, the right methodology, and the right team!

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To Achieve Successful Product Development

  • We Seek out the most capable product development resources


  • We Lead a consortium of expert engineering talent​


  • We Manage the logistics of a multifaceted design program​


  • We Guide the technical work to be applied properly to project needs​


  • We Integrate proven expert technical resources to meet business goals

"There needs to be a very excellent testimonial of Lawless Consulting here.  This would preferably contain one or two specifics that a prospect could really connect with."

- Joe Shmoe - VP R&D The Company

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